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Related post: Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 13:51:33 -0800 (PST) From: don mumford Subject: REDHEADED TOBY HOBBS, HIS PEE, & ME - chapter 3 by Donny Mumford REDHEADED TOBY HOBBS, HIS PEE & ME Chapter 3 by Donny MumfordToby's golden showers continued throughout July and preteen hardcore list August and now we find ourselves with only one preteen boys candid week of summer preteens hairy left, then school starts and that's a downer. I've had an awesome time with Toby all summer and of course the water sports will continue during the school year too, it's just that I'm not a big fan of school. Me and Toby are both eighteen years old, we'll be going into our senior year at Lawrence High School and after graduation I'm joining the Army. For now I look forward to my time with Toby, always a lot of fun and usually includes a monumental climax or two. Although I don't have a urine fetish like Toby does I've got no real problem with pee play. Actually, over the past couple of months I've preteen model clothing come to secret preteen site enjoy the smell and feel of Toby's urine but can't say I've acquired nn elite preteen a taste for it yet. I drink it regularly, Toby likes me to do that and I'm into doing what he likes which probably is why we get along so well.I gotta admit that lately he's become a little frustrated with me because of my stubborn insistence that his urine tastes bitter. He feels that increased familiarity with the taste and increased frequency of intake will get me to see the light about his urine's taste... that it's sweet. He's always saying it would ruin his pee-play if he can't get me to appreciate the subtle sweetness in a glass of his pee. During his lectures regarding urine taste he'll be peeing in one juice glass while I'm drinking his pee from another one. Actually he also offers encouraging comments, not just lectures; like, "My urine is the same temperature as your body, Billy... think warm Kool-Aid". Technique's important too, "Swish it around in your mouth, then let it flow down your throat, don't swallow it like gulp, gulp, gulp". Another preteen shock bbs thing about Toby, he's wicked conscientious about cleaning the peed-in glasses afterward... he's a bit anal about cleanliness... me, not so much. One afternoon when he wanted me to fill up a juice glass with my own pee to drink and compare the taste with his, I just grabbed a juice glass right out of the dirty dishes rack in his dishwasher. Toby was like, "Billy, for God sakes, get a clean glass, that thing's had orange juice in it... Gad!" Then, seeing my chastised expression, he shook his head in a good natured manner, rubbed his fingers through my long hair and did his easy laugh, saying "It's OK buddy, I'm not mad at you". He's easy going and shows a lot of patience with me. We've become friends again, close friends like we used to be years ago before I moved to Cleveland. The pee fetish Toby has is maybe a bit unusual, but other than that he's a cool boy, the coolest boy ever and I have a wicked, wicked crush on him.My life has really improved since moving back to Lawrence, Mass. The first night back, after being away for seven years, Toby picked-up on my gayness and let me suck his cock... just like that. I'd been aware of my gayness for a few years but never acted upon it until then... I'm back here with Toby and in less than twenty-four hours I'm sucking cock. Toby's not gay by the way, far from it... he's a ladies' man through and through. He'll screw anything that's got a cunt and he likes describing his dalliances with various girls in intricate detail... I've been known to gag at the very thought preteen nonnude bbs of doing preteen young galleries preteen models naked some of the things he describes. That word "dalliance" is a Toby word; he's smart and has a big vocabulary but talks down to my level most of the time. Once in awhile I'll hear him and ukrainian preteen boy his daddy, Ralph Hobbs, discussing something and I won't know what the hell half the words they spew out mean. His daddy is way picture preteen girls scary looking; he spent a few years in the Alabama State Correctional Facility for armed robbery when Toby was very young. Toby's mother hadn't filed for divorce at that point and was there to take care of him while Mr. Hobbs did his time. Apparently Mr. Hobbs acquired his vocabulary in prison because, according to Toby, his daddy's only reading material was a paperback American Heritage dictionary.Until two weeks ago Toby had been steadily banging Julia Corona who he hooked-up with in early summer. Once I even sat in her kitchen smoking a Winston and drinking a coke waiting underwear preteens nonude for Toby to finish fucking her in her bedroom down the hall!During that period of time Toby was having dalliance with me too, usually twice a week. While smoking we did our pee play the way Toby wants it done, then he'd fuck me until cum is shooting straight out of my cock in tight strings causing the hair follicles to rise straight up off the top of my head. No feelings or sensations come close to those I get from being fucked by Toby's seven inches of hard cock. Then, after catching our breath, I suck his cock clean and sometimes suck it till we both have little follow-up climaxes. Toby's raw cock is for me alone, he uses condoms for the girls because he don't trust 'em as far as he can throw 'em... that's what Toby says. Me, he trusts. A few weeks during the summer Toby got extra busy with the girls, like having two on a string at the same time, fucking both of them... I was the one getting short-changed during those times and I whined to Toby about it, whining like my old friend Cory used to do back in Cleveland. Toby gave me a lecture about that, but in a nice way... lectures me that I'd better get over my pouting and fits of jealousy, or else. Truth is, the longest I've had to endure the "craving" between fucks with Toby is ten days, and that free preteen porn only happened one time.The most times Toby's fucked me in a one-week period is four, that bbs preteen vombats only happened once too, it was the week Julia had her bad period. He dropped Julia recently by the way, dropped her because he says he's fallen in love with a female haircutter, some girl who cuts hair at Supercuts. Toby's never been in a Supercuts, he met this girl at the Merrimack Valley YMCA which is where he works... he's a lifeguard and he meets a lot of his girls at the Y. Not only has he dropped Julia, he's cut me back to once a week... "maybe once a week", he said. I'm working on not pouting about it because what bbs preteen models the fuck, I'm eighteen years old and I need to grow up! While I'm well aware of that need, I also know I need Toby! Dammit, I get so mad at myself when I act like a pussy, but you can't imagine how I drool over Toby. I've given serious consideration to the possibility I'm in love with him and that doesn't bode well for me because Toby hasn't ever pretended he'd even consider being part of a gay relationship; that is, outside of satisfying his need for water sports and fucking when no girls are available. He once, just the one time, kissed me on the cheek... like you'd kiss your brother maybe, that's been it for kissing. It's clear to me I'm more of a preteen mistress stories convenience to Toby than anything else, but I still can't help myself, I'm pathetic when it comes to him, I'm craving him all the time. So, as far preteen topless boys as I'm concerned, Toby can do all the peeing on me he wants, but please, for God's sake, fuck me too... and then let me suck your big cock afterward.A further problem is I haven't made a friend since moving back. Me and my dad work for my Uncle Charles on a construction site, me as the carpenters' gofer, and my dad as a construction worker. We're renovating the old abandoned brick textile mills along the Merrimack River. The thing is, the Hispanic guys I work with are all too old to hang-out with and I'm either working or bird-dogging Toby so I haven't spent latvian models preteen a hell of a lot of time trying to make a cute preteens nude friend. Not having a friend makes it all the more painful when Toby can't fit foro preteen pics me into his schedule. Once school starts I'll make friends and maybe even a gay boyfriend, but until then life will be a bit of a struggle. Of course, no matter who I meet I'll want to keep Toby in my life, ls link preteen keep him in my life to whatever degree he'll have me... yep, I got it bad for Toby Hobbs. He's on my mind a lot, like earlier today when I was daydreaming russian illegal preteens about him and one of the carpenters had to yell at me three times before I heard him. He's preteens nymphs like, "Get your head out of your ass, Billy... then get me the Hitachi nailer." I apologized and made myself concentrate on my job. During the week I ride to work with my dad, then walk home after work. He stays on the job late earning overtime preteen pussy pthc almost every day which is why I'm walking home right now. It's been since last Friday that Toby and I had our fun together and today is Thursday so I'm actually squirmy for his attention. He doesn't appreciate me nagging him so I'm forced to be patient, but fuck it!... today I'm going down and knock on his door to nag him a little. It's an especially hot day in August and I'm sweating on this walk home from work so I'll need to clean up before going down to preteen russian ukrainian Toby's.I took a shower young preteen forced and shampooed my hair real good because Toby sometimes likes to grab fistfuls of it while fucking me or he'll play with it while were drinking, of course he preteen beach candid also likes to piss in it too. He says I've got better hair than his girlfriends and one time he said I was better looking than most of his girlfriends as well. That made him laugh his ass off for some reason. Toby's usually laughing about something or other; it really is kind of rare that he's in a foul mood. nude lesbain preteens OK, I'm all neat and clean and it's four o'clock so he should be home by now. We both live on North Street just down the street from each other, I'm out my door and halfway down the block when preteen fantasy sexy I see him coming out of his house. Jogging towards him calling out, "Toby, 'sup?" He looks up and breaks out with that great smile of his; he always makes me feel like I'm the one person in the world he hoped would appear. Toby yells, "Billy, where the fuck ya been, boy?" I come up to him and say, "I didn't want to bother you, ya know..." He images of preteens gets a fistful of my hair and tugs on it playfully saying, "Billy boy, you're never a bother, we're buds" then he pushes my bangs up off my forehead and says, "Ya know we're buds, don't ya?" God, that made me feel so good. My heart's beating a little fast when I ask, "What's ya doing?" He takes his hand off my head and runs the upskirt preteen fotos palm of his hand over his orange/red hair and says, "I'm off to Bob's Barber shop to get a haircut, wanna come with me?" I nod my head and say, "Sure... what's ya doing later?" He says, "Later, huh? How bout you and me catching up a little, what we need is a pee pee party... how'd ya like that?" My dick starts firming up, I bite my bottom lip and go "Awesome, Toby!" He says, "Come on then. You need a haircut too, ya got any money on ya?" I'm like, "Ah, yeah... I got money, but some weeks ago you told me not to get my haircut." That made him laugh and say "You gotta be shitting me. I told you that? Was I drinking, smoking pot, or what?" And he chuckles again.In the car he says, "Light us a couple smokes, Billy". I've been buying my own cigarettes and smoking regularly from the second week I was here, mostly vintage preteen erotica because Toby got me hooked on the fucking things again. I light us two Winstons, I buy Winstons because that's the brand Toby likes. After getting his lit I concentrate on getting a lot of spit on the filter, then pass it to him. He laughs, "Ya got this one good, Billy... you're a sexy kid, ya know that!" as he takes a wet drag through the soggy filter. "Nice spit, Billy" he says, followed by another laugh. I was beaming from that comment, then I say "Yeah, we were drinking beer when you told me not to get my hair cut, you said you like hot preteen young to mess around with it, you said that I have great hair." preteen teen video He blows out a lot of smoke saying, "You do have great hair, but it's grown out to be like a girl's hairdo now and I like my gay boys to look like boys. Bob gives great burrs, get a burr haircut... OK?" I'm like, "I guess, but I never had a haircut like that before". I'm thinking to myself how goofy it'll look on me, it's fine for Toby, he can pull it off. But I'll be the new kid in school and my goal is to start off being as inconspicuous as possible, sort of slip in and check everything out. Blowing smoke out my nose I go, "Toby, I don't know about getting a burr haircut, man." He chuckles and says, "Yeah? Well get one anyway... I want to feel it when you're preteen teenagers naked blowing me. I can feel long hair on my babes, ya know? preteen getting fingered Will ya get the burr haircut for me?" When he puts it like that, what can n n preteens I say except, "Sure, OK Toby... I'll do it for you." He reaches over to yank on my bangs again and laugh, columbia nonude preteen he says, "Of course you will..." He's in a jovial mood today.Bob's Barbershop is old school for sure, so is models preteen pics Bob. When we walk in he's sitting in one of the two old-fashioned barber chairs reading the Boston Herald. Bob's a skinny guy, about seventy years old, bald, with pasty preteens wank boys white skin that was blotched across his forehead with a nasty looking rash. Toby gives an enthusiastic greeting as if Bob will be horny preteenn pics thrilled we're there, "Good afternoon, Bob! How ya doing today?" Bob frowns at him, groans in an annoyed way and slowly gets up. "Who's first?" is his only greeting to us. Toby cheerfully says, "My friend Billy's first. He wants a regular burr haircut, not nude preteen real short on the sides and back like you cut mine." Bob looks at my mop of hair, puffs his cheeks out blowing a lot of air through closed lips, I got the distinct feeling "burr haircut" was the last thing he wanted to hear, maybe burr haircuts are a lot of trouble. "Sit down, son" he orders. I do, he puts tissue around my neck, preteens nn guide and a striped cape gets fastened there too. Then the clippers preteen underage russian snap-on and with Bob combing up piles of my hair and running the clipper across the comb, in two minutes there's a mound of my hair laying in my lap on top of the cape. I looked scared when I caught my reflection in the big mirror in front of the barber chair... I also looked goofy. Bob wasn't done, using just voyeur preteen girls the clippers he ran them on the sides and back of my head cutting the hair so short it looked bare around my ears and tapered up to about a half inch on top, slightly longer in front. He was totally done with the haircut in less than five minutes. I guess burr haircuts aren't a lot of trouble after all. Toby read a People magazine while Bob butchered my hair.Toby's haircut took less than five minutes too and we were lighting up cigarettes walking towards Toby's car not ten minutes after we'd parked it... I felt scalped. How come it looks preteen x pix good on Toby, but creepy on me? Maybe it's perception, I think Toby's perfect so of course that includes his burr cut orange/red hair that looks whitish/blond around his ears. I felt the bristly hairs at the back of my head, ick. Toby's lecturing, "With burr haircuts Billy, ya need to keep 'em neat looking. That means a hair cut every two weeks or so, keep them looking crisp. You can come with me when I go, OK?" and bbs preteens com he rubbed my head adding, "That's how a boy's hair should feel." I mumble, "I guess..." Getting in preteen models topless the car I thought, fuck it... I'd rather please Toby than kids at school that I don't even know yet, plus now I have another thing to do with Toby, and that's a good thing. Feeling my head with the palm of my hand though, it is creepy... but worth it. foro de preteens Toby says, "I don't have any beer at the house, if you want some we can hit Carlos' place. Or we could drink preteen alt binaries iced tea, that gets the pee flowing pretty good too." I jump at the iced tea choice because another adventure at Carlos' store is something I'd like to avoid at all cost. Saying, "You got it, bud" Toby squeezes the back of my neck and rubs his hand up the back of my head... my cock turns into a boner just like that. I can't wait for Toby to fuck me... the hell with my haircut; it's worth any kind of haircut to have Toby give me this much attention.Back at his place Toby brings a cold preteen briefcases six pack of canned Lipton's iced tea out to the porch and we both gallery pics preteens grab a can and start drinking, puffing on our Winstons in between swallows. It's a nice day, warm but with a breeze to keep it pleasant. The breeze feels so different on my head now that I have this burr thumbs preteen boys haircut; feels a little weird actually. "Ya look good, Billy. That's the perfect haircut for you." I go, "We're like twins, ya know?" That stops him in his tracks, "What the fuck?" he says. Then, "You're right, we look like fucking twin-haircut boys" then he's tapping his front tooth with just the tip of his index finger, thinking. After a bit he says, "Ya know Billy, it's gonna look queer if the two of us have identical haircuts at school! What was I thinking?" I know what I'm thinking and it's, why did I say "twins"? I'm like, "What do ya mean, lots of guys have short haircuts... maybe not burr haircuts, they're kinda rare I guess... but short hair." Toby's pointing at me with two fingers, one on either side of his burning cigarette, "You nailed it, Billy. Burr haircuts are rare, my daddy always had one as a kid which is why I get my hair cut this way, but none of the other kids at school have anything like a burr... there's a few skin heads, lots of buzzcuts, but none of them are like this burr haircut" and he ran his fingers over the top of his bristly hair. Then, in his lecturing voice he says, "Billy, our hair is precisely a quarter inch long at the crown, the hairs are cut gradually longer till they're about a half inch in front... that's an old-fashioned burr haircut". Nodding my head staring into his amazing green eyes, he adds "I used to be unique with this haircut and now since you have one too, I'm not." Looking at his lips now, I'm thinking how the one thing I want to do so badly is kiss those lips. Toby says, "You and I will be known as the burr-headed queer boys of Lawrence High" then he laughs like that was the funniest thing ever. I'm puzzled at that, but what's new. He goes, "No, we can't have that... it'll put a damper on my uniqueness, and the girls love me being different. We need to change your haircut and I know how too, but the choices are few. Mohawk or buzzcut, girl preteen undressing what's it gonna be?" I'm like, "Huh?" Toby cracks open another can of iced tea, drinks half of it letting it roll down his throat without swallowing, then takes my head between both his hands and tilts my head this way and that. "You look good like this Billy, but we gotta change it so we're not haircut twins. I'll buzz it for you the same length all over, an eight of an inch. I'll do it for you when your naked in the tub so we don't get the clippings on your clothes." My eyes open wide as I wonder just how bizarre Toby's ideas would need to be for me to say "no" to one of them. He hasn't got there yet though. I go "OK Toby, if you say so." He's all business now, dragging on his cigarette butt he jumps up and goes inside, three minutes later he's back with very old looking barber clippers, saying, "My daddy used to cut hair in the service, would you rather he preteen model brazilian do it? He's experienced." I immediately say, "No, no... you do it Toby... please". His father scares me.Toby nods his head that he'll do it, saying "OK, as a favor to you, Billy" then he completely changes the subject going on this long dissertation about how great his new "honey", as he refers to her, is and how hot their sex is together. I'm thinking, as a favor to me? What the fuck...? Toby goes on, "She's big on me eating her out, and preteen cadid pics does she ever cum... oh my God Billy, you should see the cum flying out of that big twat of hers." He's laughing that light laugh of his, dragging on his cigarette in between his description of one disgusting heterosexual detail after another. Feeling slightly nauseous I was more than ready when Toby asked "You ready for some urine fun, Billy?" He exploited preteen asks that like I'm a little kid going to Disney World, like he's doing me another huge favor. I go, "Can't wait, Toby..." With a cigarette between his lips he says, "Over here then, we'll be hidden from view". I follow him to an alcove at the far side of the porch where they store their lawn mower and yard tools. When we're inside the alcove Toby goes, "Pull down your fly." With a puzzled expression, I look around to see if we're exposed... we weren't, so down goes my fly. Toby has his fly down and his long cock out. "Get right up against me, Billy", so I stand right in front of him, almost touching. Toby reaches in through my fly with two fingers to find the slit in my jockey shorts, his fingers get inside and curl around my cock pulling it to the side. As my shoulders shudder, I go "Ohhh!" He then sticks his cock in through the slit and our soft cocks rub together inside my underwear. I'm like "Ahhhh, Toby, that's ...ohhh!" preteen toples pussy "Put your arms around my neck, Billy". I immediately obey as preteen lotitas he's wrapping his arms around my back, "Up on your toes so we're the same height". I do as he says, our crotches press together tightly, and I immediately feel the warm flow of piss from Toby's cock... he goes, "Ahhhhh, yeaaaah babe". A strong, flowing river european preteen sex of warm urine drenches my cock and balls, my underpants becoming soggy in seconds, the preteen sixteen nude wetness spreading around to my buttocks top preteen angels and rolling down my legs. A whimper and a grunt precedes my bladder exploding with pee to join Toby's. I hadn't consciously begun peeing, it was spontaneous. Toby held me tight against him, the sides of our faces together, both of us humping our stiffening cock together as we emptied our bladders completely. Lots and lots of warm preteen nymphet blows piss soaking through my cargo shorts and wetting the front of Toby's jeans. The urine smell very strong now as my pee was petering-out. He'd started his pee flow first and it was still rolling out of his penis when mine ran dry. Pleasure sounds from Toby as his cock reached full boner status; it was almost twice as long as my little-boy dick, my arms hugging around Toby's neck, tears in my eyes preteen stories nc at the thrill of our intimacy.As his hard dick finally ran dry Toby grunted, "Back preteen net nude up a little, but keep your arms around my neck." I took little steps away from him and my face dropped down to his neck in the process, his smell was intoxicating, not as strong as his pubic area but along the same lines... I inhaled, pressing my nose into the preview preteen free soft flesh of his neck. Toby had his hand in my underpants again, he lined my boner's head with his and then america nude preteen pulled his long foreskin over euro preteen nudes to cover the head of my cock and enclosed both heads within his fist. I went. "Eeeeeee, ahhhhhh.... ohh ohh" as my cock got even harder pressed head to head with Toby's much larger cock. He massaged both heads moving the foreskin to and fro as his engorged head expanded pressing into mine till I was sputtering at the awesome feel preteen nudity movies of it. In my mind I could see my small cock enter Toby's big one through the pee slit and push halfway up the shaft of his boner... the fantasy had me sucking at Toby's neck... if only it were possible, what an erotic thought. I felt Toby's cock grow more, even felt the heat from it. "Toby... Toby... ohhh" I whined, the sensations at the inside of my thighs was incredible, my balls rolled around sending vibrations up the shaft of preteen nonnude pixs my short dick. "Ohhhhh Toby" I hissed into the side of his neck as he continued rolling the foreskin on the head of my cock. The sensations were enormous and it was pre-cum wet over both our cock's head within a minute. I hugged Toby's neck for all I was worth, my nose pressed to him, and then that special feeling was on me "Toby, I'm cumming..." as a strong, long stream of cum flooded under, then out preteen baby nude of Toby's foreskin, me hentai preteen fucking squealing into his neck leaving a drool of saliva. Toby was grunting quietly, humping his hips pushing my drooling boner with preteens pedophilia sexo each hump, them "Oooops, ahhh ohh" and Toby's cock poured cum onto the head of mine, then it was gushing out onto his fist. Another hard blast and he backed away from me stroking his cock, grunting again and out comes another squirt of cum landing on my piss-soaked pants. Sensations of climax were roaring around my cock and balls, I was blinded by flashing lights behind my eyes as I irrationally gargled zoo preteen boy unintelligible sounds at the awesomeness of it all while all the time stroking that four inches of boner sensitivity, it was absolutely amazing. Toby was still stroking his long boner doing his light laugh at the sounds I was making. Somewhere along the way I'd let go of his neck. He's chuckling saying, "Holy shit, Billy... that was firecracker hot, wasn't it bud? How'd you like that?" Then he ran his hand through my preteen thong pic burr haircut saying "You're a hottie, Billy... that's what you are. The hottest gay boy I ever ran into". My head was swelling with pride as I mumbled, "Thanks, Toby... but it's hard to imagine anyone being hotter than you." He laughs again and goes, "Well, I didn't say you were as hot as me, now did I? The girls think I'm something alright, but I mean for a gay boy with preteen lolas a small cock you're hot". And he squeezed the back of my neck and jostled me a bit. I tried to lean against him but he was done with the affection, such as it was. "Inside, Billy... we'll put our clothes in the washing machine."Putting my pecker back inside my piss-soaked pants I followed Toby into the house. "Don't drip pee on the rug, Billy" so I was cupping my hands at the ends of my panty panties preteen cargo shorts catching pee drips. My legs were pretty much cover with a mixture of our pee. In the back hall Toby put the barber clippers on the dryer and begins stripping off his clothes saying, "Just drop your clothes in the washing machine and it'll run while we have a little more fun." I quickly did what he said and even though it probably sounds silly, I was kind of excited that my clothes would be swishing around in the washing machine with Toby's. I studied his face when he was putting in the detergent, he has wonderful facial features. Some might overlook them because of his freckles, but that's their loss cause Toby's wicked good looking. His bright green eyes shining, the light blond peach fuzz on his upper lip, the tiny cleft in his chin... I love the way he looks and ya know what, I wish I could keep my hair like it is now, like his. Keeping both my hands occupied I felt my bristly hair while at the same time playing with my wet cock. Toby turns around, his long soft cock swinging out a little from his body with the motion of the turn, his orange bush brilliant in the light. "OK Billy, preteen nude pageants grab us a couple more iced teas out of the refrigerator and meet me in the bathroom. Naked, I padded into the kitchen to do what I'm told. Back in the bathroom with two cans of iced tea, Toby says "Hop in the tub Billy, I'll buzz your hair for you". He said it like I'd asked him to do it... like it was a favor. I hesitated and said, "Um... ah Toby. I'd like to keep the burr haircut if it's OK with you." He turns on the clippers and says, "Don't kid around or I'll get my daddy to cut it for you when he gets home in a little bit." I hopped right in the tub, he goes "Bend your head down" and when I do he cuts almost all the rest of preteen modeling pics my hair off. Most of it fell at the bottom of the tub... millions of short hair clipping. It took about a minute to go preteen nude site over my entire head twice. "Hey, these old clippers really work good. lil bambi preteen OK, that should do it... give a feel". I reached up and felt my head... sandpaper, that's what it felt like. I say, "It feels like sandpaper." Toby laughs, then starts choking on the cigarette smoke he hadn't exhaled, "Don't Billy... you made me laugh with a lung-full of smoke. Sandpaper... you're a riot".He then handed me an iced tea and his half smoked cigarette and lit another for himself. "I might have enough pee in me after this tea to piss up your ass when I'm fucking you, so keep your fingers crossed, 'kay?" I nod my head dumbly standing in the tub, my hair preteen underage girl clippings at my feet, piss covering the lower half of my body... awkward, ya know... just standing there. Toby's sitting on the closed toilet seat, still chuckling about me saying "sandpaper". I go, "Can I sit down, Toby? Do ya mind?" He shakes his head making a face like "why would I mind". The hair clippings are pricking my ass as I sit in the tub. Toby goes into one nude preteenz of his quiet moods smelling the back of his wrist, deep in thought. We sit there drinking tea and smoking, in silence... weird, but I took the opportunity to study Toby's face some more. I was trying to remember what attracted me to him when I was a little kid; surely preteen teensex it wasn't because I liked his looks. Little kids are oblivious to appearances until say age nine or so. Toby's simply so attractive to me now though I can't even describe it accurately. OK, I'm in love with him, it's that simple and that complicated at the same time. I'll do anything Toby wants as long as it means we're doing it together. This is Toby's third or forth haircut since I've been back and even though I used thumbs preteen free to think his burr looked weird, now I thinks it's cool on him... I'd love to run my fingers through it but he doesn't like that. Noticing his ears for the first time, they're perfectly foamed, delicate actually, and almost translucent... his skin is very pale, wish I could kiss his lips... sigh.Finished his iced tea he gets up rubbing his nose back and forth on nn preteen board his forearm, smelling it, and without a word, start model preteen just humming to himself, he leaves. I craned my neck sitting in the tub trying to see where he's headed... ah ha, the kitchen. Back he comes with two more cans, this time it's cans of Seven-Up. Good, I'm sick of the iced tea. Toby lets the Seven-Up roll down his throat, looks over and smirks at me, then says "You ready?" I wasn't sure what he meant, but I nod my head "yes" hardcore preteen boys anyway... ya never know with Toby. "Lean over the side to suck my big bad cock for a bit, you do that better than anyone, Billy". Beaming, I get up on preteen candid pic my knees and take his flaccid penis between my thumb and index and middle fingers, guiding the head to my tongue. I was determined to suck his cock the best it had ever been sucked. Licking the dried piss and cum off first, then sucking the head into my mouth and keeping my teeth covered, I slid my head forward shy preteen net and back getting five inches of cock to the back of my throat, cleaning that much of the shaft. Then relaxing my throat muscles I take his cock into my throat pushing my face forward until my nose was buried in Toby's soft belly, he gasped and grabs my sandpaper hair caressing my head with both hands preteen top nymphets while humping his hips, fucking my throat. I reach down to stroke myself into a boner. Groaning after thirty seconds of that, Toby mutters, "Too close to cumming" and pulls a fairly hard boner out of my mouth. "Close your eyes." I do it a second before piss streams out of his cock wetting my face, then my shaved head. "Open up." My mouth opens and the piss stream fills my mouth for two swallows, then grunting with the effort, Toby closes off the pee stream. He grunts out, "Turn around and bend over, grab that tile soap dish on the wall". When I do my nose is six inches from a used bar of Dial soap, there's a long gray pubic hair stuck to it, Mr. Hobb's no doubt.Toby blows some smoke my way, lays his cock against my crack, and rubs it down under my ass to hit the back of my balls with the damp head. "Your skin is so soft here, Billy... feels real nice" then the cock head presses against my hole, I relax and he plows that fat fucker in past my sphincter muscle, then three inches more. I'm biting my hand to keep from screaming, the warm flow of piss settles things down... nice. It's not waterproof around his big cock though so soon pee is rolling out around his cock and down the inside of my thighs, Toby's sighing, "Mmmmmmmm ohhh ahhh" the piss acts as lubricant and he pushes in the last four inches or so, his big nuts rest just behind preteens beach gallery my scrotum. Done with his second pee, he pulls out some and pushes back... slides good. With a moan of pleasure, Toby begins a steady humping of my ass and all the fantastic feelings come up and swarm around my pelvic area, then they spread down my legs and up my belly and again I'm whispering his name, "Oh Toby, it feels so good, fuck my ass, Toby... oh, it feels so good Toby, fuck me with your big bi sexual preteens cock." He got hold of my hips with both hands and is pounding his boner up my ass pulling me back into him with every thrust. Ecstasy for maybe ten minutes, then my nuts start climbing up to nestle tightly under preteens non illegal my dick, the head of my cock prepares itself for another cum spewing, the pee slit twitches just as I feel an extra slipperiness in my asshole as Toby's cock explodes with cum... smacking my ass with each shot he fires his spunk into my bowels with grunts and heavy young illegal preteens breathing the only sounds I hear except for the "SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!" when the palm of his hand connects on my ass. The cum allows his boner to slide easily in and out, his crotch humping into my buttocks with force, me bumping my head against the soap dish with every penetration while I'm wildly pulling on my boner... here it comes, that rush of sensations from my preteen photo websites nuts to the head of my cock, and the cum streaks out... three little streaks that felt way better than dark preteens video they had a right to considering the small volume. I'm yelling now, "Ah, oh fuck Toby... ah, Toby!" He's slamming his cock up my ass, pre teen naturalism then abruptly comes to a stop breathing hard. "Holy Shit Billy, you're something... but stop the yelling, OK?" I nod my head that I will while shuddering from all the great aftershock feelings cascading around my body... from my curled toes to the hair follicles on my nearly shaved head. Letting out a long exhale I mumble, "I'm in love with you, Toby." He pulls out of my ass slowly, sneezes, then in a measured manner he replies "Don't say that to me again".It feels like my whole body is blushing when I realize what I'd blurted out, and what Toby's response had been. I'm hot from the blush, I mumble, "OK, I'm sorry... but, ya know what I meant... ya know, I love ya man! Like guys say all the time". I'm standing up now but not looking at Toby, he says, "No ya didn't, you meant it the way you said it first and all I'm saying is, keep it to yourself, Billy. I'm heterosexual and if you start talking about love I'm not going to be able to keep doing this with you." Still looking down I mumble, "I won't say anything about love again... I promise." Toby puts his finger under my chin and lifts my head to say, looking me in the eyes, "I love ya, man!" with a big smile. I tried not to but I broke out in a big grin and go, "Oh, man... right back at ya!" Toby laughs and laughs giving my shoulders a hug. I do love him as in "I'm in love with you" but I'll keep it to xxx cum preteen myself. Oh my God, how could I get by without Toby's attention. Lucky me, I don't need to worry about that!the endDonny Mumford
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